Rolling Stone: Angaleena Presley Album Reveals ” American Middle Class ” Life

Rolling Stone: Angaleena Presley Album Reveals ” American Middle Class ” Life
June 27, 2014 5:34 PM ET
Angaleena Presley

Angaleena Presley has set October 14th as the release date for her debut solo album, American Middle Class. The singer-songwriter, known to country fans as “Holler Annie” for her part in the platinum-selling trio Pistol Annies with Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe, co-produced the project for Slate Creek Records with husband Jordan Powell.

The Kentucky native (and coal miner’s daughter) offers unflinching details of her life story on the collection’s dozen tracks with such telling titles as “Pain Pills,” “Life of the Party” and “Knocked Up.” (See the full track listing and songwriters below.)

“It’s like my autobiography — each of the songs is a chapter of my life,” says Presley. “I’ve literally lived every minute of this record. My mama ain’t none too happy about me spreading my business around but I have to do it. It’s the experience of my life from birth to now.”

Guest vocalists include Patty Loveless, Chris Stapleton and Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls, with whom Presley is set to tour in August and September. Angaleena’s father, Jimmy Presley, also makes a special appearance on the record, opening the title track with a personal narrative.

In addition to the Indigo Girls dates, Presley plans a more extensive fall tour to introduce material from the upcoming disc.

Angaleena Presley’s American Middle Class track listing:

1. “Ain’t No Man” (Angaleena Presley)
2. “All I Ever Wanted” (Angaleena Presley)
3. “Grocery Store” (Angaleena Presley/Lori McKenna)
4. “American Middle Class” (Angaleena Presley)
5. “Dry County Blues” (Angaleena Presley/Mark D. Sanders)
6. “Pain Pills” (Angaleena Presley)
7. “Life of the Party” (Angaleena Presley/Matraca Berg)
8. “Knocked Up” (Angaleena Presley/Mark D. Sanders)
9. “Better Off Red” (Angaleena Presley)
10. “Drunk” (Angaleena Presley/Sarah Siskind)
11. “Blessing and a Curse” (Angaleena Presley/Bob DiPiero)
12. “Surrender” (Angaleena Presley/Luke Laird/Barry Dean)


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